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(The House of the Spirits (Everyman's Library).pdf) We begin at the turn of the century in an unnamed South American country in the childhood home of the woman who will be the mother and grandmother of the clan Clara del Valle A warm hearted hypersensitive girl Clara has distinguished herself from an early age with her telepathic abilities she can read fortunes make objects move as if they had lives of their own and predict the future Following the mysterious death of her sister the fabled Rosa the Beautiful Clara has been mute for nine years resisting all attempts to make her speak When she breaks her silence it is to announce that she will be married soon br Her husband to be is Esteban Trueba a stern willful man given to fits of rage and haunted by a profound loneliness At the age of thirty five he has returned to the capital from his country estate to visit his dying mother and to find a wife He was Rosa s fianc and her death has marked him as deeply as it has Clara This is the man Clara has foreseen has summoned to be her husband Esteban in turn will conceive a passion for Clara that will last the rest of his long and rancorous life br We go with this couple as they move into the extravagant house he builds for her a structure that everyone calls the big house on the corner which is soon populated with Clara s spiritualist friends the artists she sponsors the charity cases she takes an interest in with Esteban s political cronies and above all with the Trueba children Blanca a practical self effacing girl who will to the fury of her father form a lifelong liaison with the son of his foreman and the twins Jaime and Nicol s the former a solitary taciturn boy who becomes a doctor to the poor and unfortunate the latter a playboy a dabbler in Eastern religions and mystical disciplines and in the third generation the child Alba Blanca s daughter the family does not recognize the real father for years so great is Esteban s anger a child who is fondled and indulged and instructed by them all br For all their good fortune their natural and supernatural talents and their powerful attachments to one another the inhabitants of the big house on the corner are not immune to the larger forces of the world And as the twentieth century beats on as Esteban becomes more strident in his opposition to Communism as Jaime becomes the friend and confidant of the Socialist leader known as the Candidate as Alba falls in love with a student radical the Truebas become actors and victims in a tragic series of events that gives i The House of the Spirits i a deeper resonance and meaningDownload and Read Online books ePub/PDF/Audible/Kindle, its easy way to streaming The House of the Spirits (Everyman's Library) books for multiple devices.

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