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(Darker Than You Think.pdf) Flying in from a mysterious dig in the Gobi Desert Dr Lamarck Mondrick and his team of archaeologists plan to announce an astonishing find and reporter Will Barbee is assigned to get the story But Will s attention is diverted by a rival reporter the coolly seductive April Bell whose flame colored hair and perfect white teeth invoke in him a strange mixture of attraction and alarm br br Stranger still is the scientists behavior they seem more afraid than elated at revealing the fruit of their labors br br When a visibly terrified Mondrick stammers something about a secret enemy awaiting the coming of the Child of Night then falls down dead before he can name the menace Will finds himself drawn into a mystery far beyond mortal understanding a mystery that involves the intoxicating April Bell br br Why can t he shake the feeling that April is dangerous and that the two of them share some old and powerful connection What s int he prehistoric box Mondrick brought back from Asia and which his men guard to fearfully And who is the Child of Night Will is determined to find out Haunted by a dreadful yearning he can t explain he starts having disturbing feral dreams in which he does things more terrible than even his worst nightmares Then his friends begin dying one by one and he slowly realizes that an unspeakable evil has been unleashed an evil that he is not a part of br br As the madness of his dreams seeps into his waking life Will s work crumbles around him For a brooding horror stalks the race of men a semihuman breed of shapeshifters waging an ancient war in the name of the Child of Night And when Will finds out who i that i is he ll wish he d never been bornDownload and Read Online books ePub/PDF/Audible/Kindle, its easy way to streaming Darker Than You Think books for multiple devices.