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(Ender's Shadow (Shadow Series, #1).pdf) i Ender s Shadow i is being dubbed as a parallel novel to Orson Scott Card s Hugo and Nebula Award winning i Ender s Game i By parallel Card means that i Shadow i begins and ends at roughly the same time as i Game i and it chronicles many of the same events In fact the two books tell an almost identical story of brilliant children being trained in the orbiting Battle School to lead humanity s fleets in the final war against alien invaders known as the Buggers The most brilliant of these young recruits is Ender Wiggin an unparalleled commander and tactician who can surely defeat the Buggers if only he can overcome his own inner turmoil p Second among the children is Bean who becomes Ender s lieutenant despite the fact that he is the smallest and youngest of the Battle School students Bean is the central character of i Shadow i and we pick up his story when he is just a year old starving on the streets of a future Rotterdam that has become a hell on earth Bean is unnaturally intelligent for his age which is the only thing that allows him to escape though not unscathed the streets and eventually end up in Battle School Despite his brilliance however Bean is doomed to live his life as an also ran to the more famous and in many ways more brilliant Ender Nonetheless Bean learns things that Ender cannot or will not understand and it falls to this once pathetic street urchin to carry the weight of a terrible burden that Ender must not be allowed to know p p Although it may seem like i Shadow i is merely an attempt by Card to cash in on the success of his justly famous i Ender s Game i that suspicion will dissipate once you turn the first few pages of this engrossing novel It s clear that Bean has a story worth telling and that Card who started the project with a cowriter but later decided he wanted it all to himself is driven to tell it And though much of i Ender s Game i hinges on a surprise ending that Card fans are likely well acquainted with i Shadow i manages to capitalize on that same surprise and even turn the table on readers In the end it seems a shame that i Shadow i like Bean himself will forever be eclipsed by the myth of Ender because this is a novel that can easily stand on its own Luckily for readers Card has left plenty of room for a sequel so we may well be seeing more of Bean in the near future i Craig E Engler i pDownload and Read Online books ePub/PDF/Audible/Kindle, its easy way to streaming Ender's Shadow (Shadow Series, #1) books for multiple devices.