About us

Nillow pages has set a user friendly platform that makes it so easy to find WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR across Nigeria.

Imagine you travel to a city in Nigeria for the first time in your life, and as a user of Nillow Pages, you type in that you are looking for a restaurant or a night club, and Nillow Pages provides you with a list of night clubs or restaurants along with information on their on-going promotional specials, their ratings according to real people’ experience who already visited these locations. As these information would tailor your choice.

What if you move your entire family to a new location and are faced with the task of finding schools for your children, as a Nillow Pages user, you are provided with a list of schools in that community, and their ratings according to other parents’ experiences.

Nillow Pages offers opportunities to businesses, companies and professionals to be seen by millions of its visitors and subscribers across Nigeria. Nillow Pages also offers opportunities to your organizations to introduce goods and services offered by your companies to millions of its subscribers across the country, and also avenues to promote such goods and services.

Nillow Pages offers you services beyond your ordinary yellow pages. You can upload pictures of your locations, goods, and services offered. You can also give elaborate description of your services, promotions, specials, discounts etc. As millions of Nillow Pages visitors and users would view these information real time.